North State Golf Team

The "Fighting Squirrels"

Practice at Southwick Golf Course in Graham, Monday through Friday from 4pm to 6pm. Tuesdays and Thursdays are team play days.
Tuesdays and Thursdays are mandatory at Southwick if players do not have a home course to practice.
 Players must be present on designated days for match qualifying.

Any home educated student wishing to participate
on this team must contact
Coach Vera Hopkins at 336-587-0616 or e-mail to:
[email protected]

Each Sunday a mass e-mail will be sent with updates for the upcoming week.  Schedule, results, pictures and any new changes will be featured. 

Varsity Schedule

March 10 at 4pm  verses Franklin Academy at Southwick

March 11 at 4:30,  verses Westover Christian at Goodyear GC in Danville,VA

March 17 at 3:30 pm, verses Alamance Christian at Southwick

March 23 at 1:30  verses Greensboro Day at Bryan Park in Greensboro, NC

March 24 at 3:30 pm verses Vandalia at Southwick GC

March 28 at TBA  verses Asheville HE at Reams Creek in Weaversville, NC

March 29 at 4pm verses Wesleyan Christian at Southwick

March 31 at 3:30 verses Greensboro Day at Southwick in Graham,NC

April 5 at 4:30 verses Carlisle Academy at Chatmoss in Martinsville, VA

Mon. April 11 at 4pm verses Elon School at Stoney Creek in Greensboro, NC

April 16 at 11am, School Team Invitational at Southwick GC

April 19 at 4pm verses Forsythe HE at Southwick GC

April 26 at 4:30 verses Westover Christian at Southwick in Graham, NC

April 28 at 4:30  verses Carlisle Academy and Elon School at Southwick

May 5 at 4:00 pm verses Wesleyan Christian at Southwick

May 19 - 21 National Christian/Homeschool Golf Championship in Missouri

Middle School

March 11 at 4:30 verses Westover Christian Academy at Southwick

March 15 at 3:45, verses Westchester at Emorywood in High Point

 April 8th at 4pm verses Wesleyan Christian Middle at Southwick

April 16   School Team Invitational at Southwick

April 26  at 4:30 verses Westover Christian Academy at Southwick

** Matches may be added to schedule,  please check back frequently

        Varsity - $180.00 which includes practices, matches, golf bags, team shirt and cap.  Parents can deduct $20 for each sibling.

        Middle School -  $80.00 which includes practices, matches, team shirt and cap.

We encourage each player to go to  to get sports insurance coverage.  When you join the AAU, you can purchase individual coverage for $14 person per year.



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